Ability Specialists is a program that works with adults with developmental disabilities to build social and emotional skills through volunteer work, employment opportunities, and daily community-building. The purpose of this video was to highlight the five values upon which the company is built. I produced the project which entailed collaborating with the client to outline the story structure, scheduling shoot days, coordinating with interview subjects, and running interviews on set.
"Credit Climb" – Harmony Leads – summer 2022
The "Credit Climb" project is a series of educational videos teaching people how to fix their credit score. Each video begins with a narrative scene that serves as an allegory for the content of the video. On this project, was the Production Designer and UPM. I built sets, shopped for and made props, and found costumes for all of the actors. I also coordinated with the client, actors, and crew to ensure all elements of the production ran smoothly.
Short Films
"Family Heirloom" –  January 2023
I worked with Wasteland of Wonder on a project titled "Family Heirloom." The film follows a vase that is the silent observer to three generations of family trauma. I worked as the Production Designer on this film which posed the challenge of depicting three decades of domestic life so authentically that the viewer can be fully immersed in the story. This entailed intensive research, countless antiquing trips, and building connections with various antique experts in the Denver area.
"Solidarity meals: How food cultivates community" – Sanctuary4all – July 2021
I was the Associate Producer and Lead Journalist for a documentary about a program called Solidarity Meals. This program was created by activist Jeanette Vizguerra and Sanctuary4All to raise money for undocumented women living in Denver, CO. I spent three months as a fly on the wall in churches where families cooked meals together and sold them to the community to pay for lawyers and raise money for the things they need everyday. I worked side by side with some incredible activists and found their stories both inspiring and mobilizing.
Music Videos
KidzBop remixed Lizzo's "About Damn Time" and filmed the music video in Denver. I was hired on as a Set Dresser and did prep work alongside an Art Director to build props and set dressings. On the day of the shoot, I dressed sets under the direction of a Production Designer, working to make sure items were placed in such a way that they adhered as closely to her vision as possible.
"Monsters are People Too" – Chess at Breakfast – June 2021
Chess at Breakfast is a Fort Collins-based rock band with a cult following. "Monsters Are People Too" follows a boy who crawls in his oven and finds himself transported to the backlit clubhouse of a trio of punk sheet ghosts. Things go awry when he discovers the ghosts intend to induct him to their "Dead Friends Club." Here, I served as a Production Assistant and Behind the Scenes Photographer. 
"Take it or Leave It" – People in General – January 2021
People in General is a four-piece jazz pop band based in Fort Collins, CO. "Take it or Leave it" follows two clowns in their training and execution of a boxing match. With a deeper look, the film explores the complex marriage between a genderqueer identity and the devotion to an art form. On this project, I served as a Production Assistant and Behind the Scenes Photographer. 
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